Malarkey Certified

Checkmate Roofing is proud to be a certified Malarkey roofing contractor! Malarkey is a leader in high-performance shingles, and our certification allows us to offer extended manufacturer warranties on their products. This means you get superior protection and peace of mind – your investment is covered for years to come with a Malarkey roofing Products trusted brand. Choose Checkmate Roofing for your roofing replacements and extended warranties!

Awards and Certification

GAF Certified

As a certified GAF roofing contractor, Checkmate Roofing offers the industry’s best – GAF shingles and extended warranties. GAF is renowned for its exceptional roofing products, and our certification ensures you receive expert installation alongside superior materials. These extended warranties provide long-term peace of mind, knowing your roof is protected by both a leading manufacturer and a trusted local contractor. Choose Checkmate Roofing for confidence and lasting value!